Age Verification Solutions

Protect your company against underage consumers and stay compliant. With our age verification software, you can detect fraudsters during onboarding, protecting minors and preventing the successful use of counterfeit identities.


Age Verification For Compliance

IDMERIT's suite of identity verification includes global age verification solutions. They connect to official data sources around the world to help verify the ages of potential customers. Using a vast range of datasets, its secure system confirms client details by referencing numerous sources of information.

The Value of Accurate KYC

Businesses should be aware that fraud is a serious threat to the financial system. The Patriot Act Regulations mean that certain types of organizations, such as financial banking institutions and payment processors, are required to meet stringent fraud compliance standards. Other organizations may not need to follow such strict regulations. Businesses must balance their business objectives with meeting fraud regulations in order to prevent fraud from occurring.

Fraud Prevention in Gaming Solutions

The fact that identity theft is on the rise and children are at risk as well means it's more important than ever to verify the ages of your potential customers. Companies have a social responsibility to protect their customers and prevent fraudulent accounts from being created in their systems. Our Age verification software helps companies to confirm the age of a specific person.

Instantly Verify People for Age-Restricted Commerce

For vendors that sell age-restricted products and services, it is of key importance to know the age of their customers. Identity verification can occur during the onboarding of new clients or during the customer checkout process. These services can detect real and fraudulent users in real time and detect age.

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