Assess An Individual's Fraud Risk

Identify high-risk consumers and enrol trustworthy customers.

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Using ID Verification To Evaluate Client Risk

To protect yourself and your business, we provide a solution that automates the process of identifying and screening customers based on their risk score. We use data from multiple sources to determine which customers are most at risk of fraud, help you invest in new products or services more efficiently, and minimize future financial losses.

  • Combat Fraud Using Email, Phone, and IP Data Points Together
  • Locate and Block Stolen and Fake Identity Information
  • Determine the Risk Score Using the Email Maturity
  • SSL protection and seamless API integration

Using REST APIs To Integrate Seamlessly, You Can Fight Fraud

Make trustworthy customer approvals simple by using a risk score to quickly integrate new customers into your program. Use machine learning to calculate an individual's risk score and monitor data, manage risk and combat fraud in real-time. Detect account fraud and fake signups, determine suspicious activities, and identify high-risk scoring customers. Mitigate data breaches by preventing fraudsters from opening accounts with stolen identities. Ensure that clients are onboarded are legitimate by leveraging multiple data sources.

Assess The Individual's Risk Before Performing A KYC Check

Make trustworthy customer approvals by calculating an individual's risk score. Monitor data, manage risk to combat fraud and reduce financial theft in real time. Detect account fraud and fake signups, determine suspicious activities, and identify high-risk scoring customers.

The risk score is based on a mixture of:
  • Is that number accurate?
  • Which nation is carrier in?
  • Landline or mobile number
  • When was the email originally viewed?
  • Is the domain's supplier a free one?
  • Can emails be delivered to that address?
IP Address
  • Is a VPN hiding the IP address?
  • Describe geolocation.
  • Is it included on a spam list, such as the DNSBL or RBL?

Spot Device and Account Links

Protect your customers' identities and guard against cybercrime, with our robust security solutions that help ensure customers are safe and secure.

Prevent Industry Fraud

The IDMERIT platform prevents thousands of cybercriminals from performing fraudulent or abusive transactions every day.

Analyze Device Information

Various trusted sources are tapped, such as Device ID, Plugins, Type Screen, Apps, Resolution, Type of Browser, and Language of Associated Emails.

Device Data Network

We can assess any Internet-enabled device and check if it has a history of fraudulent behavior using our system. As a result, you can determine who is a real customer and who isn't.

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