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A growing need for patient identity verification is evident in the healthcare sector, since it is moving to a digital world. We offer patient identity verification solutions to help healthcare providers verify patient identities and prevent medical identity theft.

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The privacy of medical records has never been in greater danger than it is now. Healthcare technology has undergone significant changes, and records are now shared, distributed, and accessed online. While this open accessibility is revolutionizing the industry, it has also made theft and fraud easier.

Thanks to the prevalence of healthcare information online, it is very simple to access information, including detailed files on diagnosis, treatment, and patient financial information. Greater efficiency and better patient care are the results of this. It has also presented a significant challenge for businesses that access and verify healthcare data while still upholding the highest levels of security.

Increasing patient onboarding efficiency

Due to KYC procedures intended to stop patient fraud and identity theft, onboarding for healthcare services has historically been slow. By providing instant online identity verification services, IDMERIT can assist in resolving these problems by expediting the identification process. It can minimize claim denials, lower billing and collection costs, safeguard patients from identity theft, minimize payment delays, and boost service quality and effectiveness. The advantages, motivations, and economic value of implementing a more efficient onboarding procedure are obvious.

Managing Healthcare Data Risks

The healthcare solutions from IDMERIT offer cutting-edge defense against identity theft and medical fraud. You will be able to swiftly and simply access and exchange healthcare information for verification using our platform. You will always comply with relevant regulatory standards thanks to our modern solutions (HIPAA, HITECH, CLIA.) Consequently, both patients and healthcare professionals will start to trust you.

Verifying identity instantly & reliably

IDMERIT validates and verifies individual IDs using cutting-edge technologies. Because there is no human inspection, personally identifiable information (PII) is kept secure. Other service providers in the sector employ manual review for their verification procedures, and these assessments frequently take place abroad without regard to the safeguards of consumer data laws. In IDMERIT's opinion, manual review is a dangerous technique since it exposes PII to risk. Using our secure API, you can ensure that your patient's medical information is safe and secure.

One Solution Platform For Endless Problems

In order to help banks and other financial institutions adhere to compliance rules, IDMERIT offers a wide range of identity verification solutions. Identity verification, Know Your Customer, fraud analytics, credit risk analysis, and due diligence are all provided by IDMERIT solutions.

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