ID Verification For Social Media Profiles

Access user data from more than 20+ social media networks. Get verified by using your social account, even if you don't have a bank account.

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Unverifiable Customers? Not An Issue.

With IDMsocial, businesses can relax knowing that their clients are who they claim to be. You can reach out to clients in markets where there may be little or no banking history. By tracing users' digital footprints through their social media accounts, you can win more help in the battle against fraud.

  • Global Data from over 20+ social media networks
  • Avatar, biography, profile, and recent activity of users
  • Precise location of users

Verify The Unbanked: Real-Time Identity Data Verification Using Social Media Accounts

IDMSocial provides you with the tools to accurately assess and verify the creditworthiness of your unbanked customers. Our comprehensive data sources allow us to provide you with accurate information that is vital in preventing fraud and identity theft seamlessly.

  • Data access through 20+ social networks for unbanked users
  • Identify customers accurately and reliably
  • KYC compliance checks are easy to conduct
  • Increasing the number of loyal customers

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