Identity Verification in Online Gaming

Gaming ID verification for AML/KYC compliance and player onboarding. Our identity verification solution enables global scalability while meeting gaming compliance requirements.

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The gaming industry relies heavily on identity verification because it is legally required to confirm customers' ages even when they aren't there. Gaming companies should integrate complete identity verification solutions into current systems to combat identity theft and stop minors from playing age-restricted video games.

By identifying identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud, these solutions can assist in reducing these risks and preventing fraud.

Accelerated user onboarding

With IDMERIT's identity verification solutions, online gaming businesses can check players and uncover fraudulent transactions without jeopardizing the player experience. These solutions can also accelerate the customer onboarding process and lower account abandonment. Additionally, they provide KYC and AML compliance, assisting businesses in achieving their compliance and due diligence objectives and safeguarding their bottom line.

Securing transactions

Your duty as an online gaming merchant is to ensure that your payment processing systems adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). IDMERIT offers remedies that can lessen that task. Gaming companies must ensure that only legitimate people use their credit cards to process payments. Additionally, they are responsible for confirming that a customer is who they claim to be. By providing all-inclusive solutions that will stop evildoers from conducting fraudulent credit card transactions, identity verification solutions can aid in achieving these objectives.

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In order to help banks and other financial institutions adhere to compliance rules, IDMERIT offers a wide range of identity verification solutions. Identity verification, Know Your Customer, fraud analytics, credit risk analysis, and due diligence are all provided by IDMERIT solutions.

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